October Visionaries News

Sending out a big thank to all of you who came out to our September Visionaries event “Summer Streets at Dekalb Market”.  Those of you who came know it was a really great evening full of storytelling through imagery and words.

Visionaries projection, DeKalb Market. Photo by Katja Heinemann


Click here to see more from Sion's presentation

Click here to see more of Radcliffe's presentation

DJ tres dos started off the evening with some great tunes while we waited for the sun to go down.  Then we checked out photographs of those who participated in the summer photo assignment “Documenting your Block”. Sion Fullana  started the discussion off by sharing how he came to be at the forefront of the mobile photography movement – how the camera served as a tool to connect with subjects.  Through his beautiful iphoneography (Instagram: @sionfullana), he showed how how he was able to compose many a love letter to New York City by capturing those who live beside each other, in their own different worlds.  Radcliffe “I’m not gonna say much” Roye then took the stage to fill the space with his stories – how he finds an image or how an image finds him – how all cameras (his iphone included) have been a way for him to get to share a moment with his subject and through his images, share their essence. (Instagram @ruddyroye)

Visionaries Summer Photo Assignment slideshow (photo by Viviana Peretti)

So if you weren’t there, you missed a real treat to have Sion and Radcliffe present together. I’ve included links to their edited presentations as well as the the work of those who participated in the summer assignment but please check out everyone’s sites below.


www.sionfullana.com www.royephotography.com

www.leandroviana.com | www.gerardhgaskin.com | www.vivianaperetti.com